What We Found Out About Digital Altitude

Digital Altitude Review

What We Found Out About Digital Altitude

Name: Digital Altitude
Website: www.digitalaltitude.co
Price: $39 monthly + Many upsells
Owner(s): Michael Force


There has been so much hype circumventing this business, and many purveyors have claimed that they have made a ton of coin in a short distance of time.

I interpreted in one of the review site claiming that he has constituted $1,312.84 in 7 days, and $17.071.67 in his first month in accordance with the Digital Altitude's step-by-step system.

Let me explain to you, why you, as a novice, will not be able to achieve the same result.

I'm not being cynical, but realistic.


A little autobiography about Digital Altitude and its founder, Michael Force, who was once a top president of another program called Carbon Copy Pro or Pro U.

When Carbon Copy Pro's gains dipped into the ruby-red zone, and changed its business simulation to be know as Six Figure Mentors now, Michael Force was forced to change his route as well.

There is a complaint lodge against him for his ethic.


Michael Force was also a one of the leader of Empower Network, another expiring MLM firm which is known to use dishonest proficiencies to woo brand-new subscribers of which I was one dropping over $5000.00 on an “empty promise” (I learned how to blog)


Even more, he was the” personal instruct” of a known scam called Mobile Money Code.

If I guess accurately, Michael Force is also part of the top leaders in My Top Tier Business( MTTB ), owing to the fact that countless training materials in Digital Altitude are similar to MTTB. I will discuss more with you below.

Having such a bad rep in the Online Marketing Industry, you would be curious what kind of produce he developed.

No doubt he has made a lot of coin doing what he did, but whether or not it is ethical, is another fiction to tell.

Alright, enough about Michael Force. Let's places great importance on Digital Altitude.
Digital Altitude employs Drilling Textiles from other programs?


Digital Altitude organisation is identical to Six Figure Mentors  and My Top Tier Business:

  1. Like Six Figure Mentors and MTTB, each step of the system, you will hit a brick wall.

2. You are supposed to schedule a call with your “Mentor” before you can proceed further. (this is where the upsell happens)

3. The video presentation and slides from both programs are presented by none other than Michael Force.

Truthfully, the only difference between Digital Altitude and MTTB is its “Top Tier” products. MTTB has its own top tier products called My Online Business Empire (MOBE), while Digital Altitude has its product range, Aspire, Base, Rise, Ascend, Peak and Apex. With the price going as high as $27,997.

THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF “RIP OFF” (so NOT on my list of legitimate iHustles)


After my experience with Empower Network and Digital Altitude, I vowed to never be suckered into paying what most people consider a year' salary to learn to make money online. Fortunately, I cancelled my membership with Digital Altitude before they even billed me for my first $39 and found….


An affordable Online Internet Marketing Training Program that truly puts Your Interest First. Find out more!


As you can see, Michael Force is reusing content from another program to market it as his own and charging a ridiculous amount for it.

This speaks loudly of his work ethic and integrity. Would you really want to learn from someone like that?


I hope this review has shed light on the REAL Digital Altitude. You are free to decide if you would like to join Digital Altitude.


If you would like to discuss more about Digital Altitude, you may leave a comment below at the comment section. If you find this review useful, please, help to share it with your family and friends by clicking on the social media buttons.


If you are interested to get started with an Online Business, the way I did, I would suggest that you check out this program.


It is FREE to start because the cost for starting an online business is supposed to be low due to its nature. You will learn how to really make money in this industry while having fun and connecting with a supportive community. I have learned and earned more in less than a year than I did in 3 years with Empower Network and having a blast doing it!


“Just Go!” Don't Stop.


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August 13, 2017 at 3:00 am

Thank you for sharing your discovery.
This digital world indeed is full of scams, one too many…
I personally, (regardless how great the product is) stay away from the MLM mainly for its structure and I am not a fan of an entity trying to lure people in with high commission.
Although MLM may change people’s life. There are plenty of operations being ceased for unable to pay commission.


    Digital Wisdom

    August 13, 2017 at 3:34 am

    Thanks for sharing, Pamela. I agree, good honest business is a main requirement on my list. “It must be win-win for me to jump in!” (ever again)



August 13, 2017 at 8:09 pm

I found your site very informative I was Going to sign up with digital altitude but figured out it was a scam before I spent any money.I have one suggestion I would change that floating menu as it kind blocks your site when you are trying to read I found it hard to concentrate on the text.Just a suggestion other than that well done wish you great success.


    Digital Wisdom

    August 13, 2017 at 9:49 pm

    Thank you. I will work on that. Your input is very much appreciated.


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