Just Go Don’t Stop Tribe and Culture

Just Go Don't Stop Tribe and Culture

Just Go Don’t Stop Tribe and Culture


Many are called, few are chosen. Consider this the Calling.


Many successful people became loners when those in their primary circle began to attach negative connotations to words like “Hustle” and “Savage” because they couldn’t let the ideas of others steer them away from the purpose and time they are here for. There is a culture and Community for that type.

Success comes from your mindset. You absolutely MUST believe in yourself. When you’re going to do anything major in life, there will ALWAYS be people who are against you. They’re normally referred to as, Haters lol! Don’t let haters cause you to devalue yourself. Be confident in who you are and your abilities. On the flip side, don’t become prideful. There’s a huge difference.

Pride will cause you to look down upon others and esteem yourself as being better than others. Always treat everyone with respect and remain humble. That will take you farther than your talent. A good name/reputation is better than riches. Think optimistically about your success and where you’re headed as an artist/producer. If you want to be successful in the music industry, then you have to believe you will be without a shadow of a doubt. Besides, if you’re not confident in who you are and what you have to offer, why would anyone else support your music?

Always believe in yourself. The harder the journey, the greater the destination. Embrace the friction that you get from others and use that as fuel to keep going.


“Just Go!” Don't Stop.

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2 years ago

One thing I have realized is that people are not lucky. To be successful in live you must hustle, work hard and sacrifice. You have to be willing to do what the minority or nobody will do. Society has taught is how to work hard and de paying bills. We attract what we give, if you are tight fist, your rewards will be the same.

2 years ago

You make perfect sense! There are definitely people that will not understand that you are driven and need to do the things you are focused on to get ahead. I work constantly because I want to not just because I have to. I will continue to believe in myself and hustle every day to keep improving.

1 year ago

Hey great and wise words! Couldn’t have said it better!

And guess what I actually needed a post like this which is motivational! Recently I have lost hope in my success and me after many failures and time wasting but after hearing or shall I say reading this from you, I definitely have gotten the small motivational spark going again!

Thanks a lot!

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