Access Plus Size Fashion with Curvy Members Club

Access Plus Size Fashion with Curvy Members Club

Access Plus Size Fashion with Curvy Members Club

Our Hustle Community is awesome! It's all about surrounding yourself with smart people. Here's our co-founder, Rhonda representing Curvy Members Club:


Plus size fashion can be difficult to find at times, but the Curvy Members Club makes it easier than ever. Our members get exclusive access to the hottest plus size fashion in just about every brand on the market today. Our co-founder Rhonda has paved the way for you to locate plus size fashion anywhere, anytime. Let’s explore what makes Curvy Members Club so special and why you should join!

The Perks of Being a Member

Members of Curvy Members Club have open doors exclusively to them, giving them access to inventory even after it’s sold out somewhere else. This means that if you’ve been searching for something special, chances are you’ll find it here! You also get free and/or discounted shipping, which is definitely a plus (pun intended!).

In addition, our members are invited to join a private room backstage and granted priority claims on newly stocked inventory as soon as we get it. What better way is there to stay ahead of trends? You can be one of the first people to purchase items from a new seasonal collection or snag your favorites before they’re gone. As part of the Curvy Members Club community, you won’t miss out on any opportunities!

Getting Started with Curvy Members Club

We want everyone who joins our club to feel comfortable and confident shopping online. We know how difficult it can be when trying on clothes in store; online shopping eliminates this issue by allowing you shop from home in your own environment without having to worry about sizes or fit. To help make your experience as convenient as possible, our team has created detailed sizing charts so that you can make sure that each item will fit perfectly before purchasing. Additionally, all orders are eligible for returns within 30 days if an item isn’t quite right for you.

If you're ready for exclusive access to the hottest plus size fashion brands in the market today – look no further than Curvy Members Club! You'll have open doors exclusively just for our members and be able to take advantage of newly stocked inventory just as we get it. Plus, with free and/or discounted shipping opportunities available, there's never been an easier way to stay ahead of trends while looking great at an affordable price! Join us today and see what possibilities await – we hope you're ready for this amazing journey with us!


“Just Go!” Don't Stop

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Michel Maling
8 months ago

What a great idea and I wonder how long this club has been around. They are also not specific as to how curvy you need to be to join so I wonder what sizes are available?  I am also wondering if there is a fee to join as I see you do get discounted shipping along with other great perks so I am sure there must at least be a joining fee.  I guess I will find out soon enough if I try and join. 

pasindu dimanka
8 months ago

Thank you very much for this valuable and detailed post about Curvy Members Club. This is really an important post for her. But I honestly asked about this today. My sister likes things like this. I think she will definitely join this. I will definitely send this to her. Keep posting like this.

Remote Vagabond
8 months ago

I’m so appreciative of this highly informative post about Curvy Members Club. It has been helpful! How unique is this concept! I can’t help but wonder how long this club has been enriching its members. I think it is definitely a great value to a lot of people and society. 

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