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In 2016 the focus on Web Performance will accelerate and this will be caused by the fact that today many websites are extremely slow to load on smartphones. Many companies will look for ways to optimize their content to load blazingly fast on mobile just like the largest players do.

The mobile app development industry is changing at a rapid pace. Introduction of new and innovative technologies have contributed a lot towards this fact. If you want to stay updated with what’s happening in the mobile app development industry, you need to pay attention towards mobile resources and trend. Here is a list of top mobile app development trends to look out in 2017.


1. Special attention will be paid towards application security

Security has become a crucial aspect for smartphones than ever. That’s because smartphone users tend to store and send a lot of sensitive information through their smartphones. As a result, the app developers would pay special attention towards the security. In fact, the developers would be focusing on introducing in-built security features for the apps that they create.


2. IoT Integrations would continue

The IoT industry is being developed at a rapid pace as well and the IoT integrations would continue along with it. Companies that belong to a variety of industries such as automobiles, smart homes, security, education and health would think of taking the best out of IoT advancements. The IoT integrations would also be associated with the usage of enterprise backend infrastructure and complex mobile platforms.


3. Mobile apps would come with embedded AI

More AI would creep into mobile apps during 2016. Therefore, you will be able to see pictures that would change dynamically as per your situations or mood. The introduction of AI would make the mobile apps more user friendly. The services offered through data centers would soon be shifted with the introduction of Neural Networks to the mobile apps.


4. Android instant apps would become a common trend

Recently Google announced the Instant Apps concept and it would become a trend in 2017. Along with this feature, people who use Android devices will be able to run mobile apps instantly. You don’t need to download or install the instant apps. The app would run whenever you need. This can assist the Android users to save a considerable amount of time as well because they don’t need to search for apps and launch them.


5. Augmented Reality would creep into mobile apps

This is another prominent mobile resources and trend to look out in 2017. Only a little number of AR apps was released in 2016, but it would certainly increase during 2017. The AR integrated apps have the ability to increase productivity of the users. For example, when you tell your phone that you need a cab, a taxi service related app would open up in the device.



6. Location based services would continue to rise

The location based services offered through mobile devices would further evolve in 2017. They would facilitate located based payment portals, indoor mapping, security features, navigation and retail offers. The location based services would revolutionize the tourism industry as well. More people would start using these apps because of the enhanced convenience delivered through them.

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