The iHustler’s Budget

The iHustler’s Budget

Every real hustler has a budget and a strategy. Here's ours:

A Hustler's Budget

Collecting coupons and shopping with them would save you a lot of money especially on your groceries bills. Coupons are given in the newspapers as well as in magazines and knowing where to cash them and on time is the knack to saving.

Shopping has never been such fun before and you could make it more fun if you organize yourself and ensure that you buy only what you need, and by leaving out what you don’t need.

1) Use the already available Coupon Sense coding system and it would help you immensely. It is a tried and tested method and designed to make your efforts far more convenient.

The Coupon Sense labeling system is also there to help us to collect our coupons and make our shopping hassle free and saves a lot of time.

2) Make your shopping list and then check what deals you could and where. Match the shopping list with the deals you could get and which store where you have the best deals.

Then before you set out be sure you don’t go far to get a deal when you could get it at a few dollars more in a store closer to you.

You would naturally see what we are getting at, that is don’t go just because you have a coupon to cash it in for a deal and waste time and money.

3) Match the prices the different stores are offering, as there could be one closest to you giving you a better deal that one further away.

Coupon Sense gives a more streamlined shopping experience and using their tried and tested systems would be a major time consuming experience.

4) Create a system and schedule your shopping time which would give you ample time to know where you would get the best deal.

Pick the coupons you can as soon as they appear and tabulate them according to convenience. Spend time that you could spare and make your shopping list to coincide with the coupons in hand.

The idea is to have all your coupons and the shopping list to tally perfectly to make the shopping time interesting.

5) Be well prepared before you step out by having which deal you want to take and which you would like to ignore, in this way you would have already saved your money before you walk into the store and come back home.

6) When you get to the store there may be other deals ignore them or you would get confused attend to only what you have planned and let the other go by for another day.

If you do your shopping with coupons you are sure to end up with very good savings and that too as soon as you have the coupon in hand. 



…and remember, couponing is a hustle that is not for everyone Click Here and join our group





January 21, 2017 at 5:52 am

Hello and thanks for sharing, your post is just awesome and tht is the way that we should look at things, it is all about using what we have so that it can go a long way while saving monies. I believe that many perons are having a hard time because they do not have a buget so they do not know it seems where the money is going but as we make a buget and follow the steps that you have here the monies that we have can go a bit futher.


    Digital Wisdom

    January 21, 2017 at 7:57 pm

    Hello again, Norman. Thank you for your comment and thanks for reading!



May 20, 2017 at 2:20 am

I agree that every person should be able to save more and be a smart buyer or spender. I love your tips and how encouraging to people to be smarter. We live in society that gets more consumerism every day. I also think that once we are wise in spending money, we could help people in need. Save more to help more!



    May 20, 2017 at 6:58 am

    Thank you for your input, Aileen. Glad to know this was of help to you.


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